Rusty Bolger

- Senior Associate

Picture of Senior Associate, Rusty Bolger

Hailing from New Jersey, Rusty Bolger now calls Oxford, MS his home. Along with being a husband, a father and an active Oxford Community member, Rusty is an unparalleled Senior Associate of The FIRM. He recognizes that in order to grow a client base, one must provide incomparable customer service and possess a wide breadth of industry knowledge. Rusty understands that long-standing, trustworthy relationships are required for The FIRM and its clients to succeed.

Rusty is a family man, a businessman and an active member of his local community. He can relate on every level to The FIRM’s clients -- their trials and tribulations, fears and triumphs. Folks know that when they need Rusty he will be present and accounted for, whether it is seven in the morning or seven in the evening. Having been a member of our team for over a decade now, Rusty works with existing clients, generates new leads and assists with the daily operations of the business. He never clocks out and can always be counted on.

“Working with The FIRM is extremely rewarding. At the end of the day, to be able to go to bed at night knowing that each of my clients has received the best advice for their financial well-being; well, that is a great feeling!”

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Image of Rusty Bolger, Senior Associate - The FIRM, Oxford, MS
Rusty Bolger

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