Homeowners Insurance

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We offer what we believe to be one of the most comprehensive homeowner’s programs in the industry. We automatically include a host of features not offered by most carriers, including Home Systems coverage to replace your utility and HVAC systems if they fail and $50,000 of identity theft protection to cover an important vulnerability most people overlook. We have a wide array of additional options to choose from to create a policy with the exact coverage you needs.

The FIRM is ready to explain your options and help you select the coverage that's right for you. Call us to find out more—we welcome your questions.

Auto Insurance

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With The FIRM, you get personalized service from a professional team who lives and works in your community and understand your financial and practical needs. One of our associates will meet with you personally to make sure your family's car insurance protection has the right features for you, including coverage for after-market upgrades and other unique features that many carriers won’t cover. To ensure you get the most from your coverage, we also provide an in-depth explanation of liability coverage and its practical application.

Life Insurance

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Your family’s most important asset is you—when you care enough for their well-being to invest in homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance, you should also consider life insurance to protect their financial security in case of your untimely death. Our experts have the knowledge and resources to help you find the right option to protect your family—contact us to learn more.

CHROME Specialty Car Program

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You’ve finally purchased the perfect car...that specialty car you've dreamed of for so many years. You want to care for your new investment, so make sure it’s protected with CHROME® specialty car insurance, designed by car buffs for car buffs. With CHROME, you get protection designed around the special needs of serious car collectors and coverage for an agreed value amount in the event of a loss. Whether you have just one special car or a fleet of collectibles, we can protect you with a CHROME® policy built just for you, with multi-CHROME® discounts up to 85%.

Watercraft & Yacht Insurance

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The FIRM offers a comprehensive watercraft policy that offers solid protection for you, your family, and your boat. Our flexible watercraft insurance plan allows you to choose the amount of coverage that's right for you along with money-saving discounts and convenient payment options.

Motorcycle Insurance

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If you're among the thousands of responsible adults who tour America's highways on two wheels instead of four, you need the protection of ANPAC's AmeriCycle® Insurance Program. Designed with input from motorcycle enthusiasts, ANPAC provides a comprehensive motorcycle insurance program that addresses all the coverage needs of today's motorcycle riders.